Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painting Final

The cultural construct I will be collaborating with/appropriating for my painting final.

I had stepped away

And now here I am. Still exploring working with Mark Twain.

In my advanced painting class, we've been discussing collaboration, appropriation, and plagiarism. I think this project relates to those ideas. I am certainly appropriating the myth of Twain. I could even argue that I am making him my unwitting collaborator.

I began this project after being strongly affected by William Kentridge.

while I knew i didn't have the time for something so long-- nearly ten minutes-- and that I could not approach the poetic depths of Kentridge's work, I couldn't get the idea of drawing as film out of my head. Animation is in my blood and though it's not my practice, it is a fascination.

For a while I thought about storyboards, or a graphic novel approach. But as I began to make images I realized it wasn't enough. The movement, even if rudimentary, was critical.
So I did some more research, wondering how else I could make a film. I remembered this piece of old strangeness :

and got to enjoy it all over again. It's much more lighthearted than the Kentridge piece, but thinking about the two in relation helped me understand what it was that I really liked: the black and white, the relatively low frames per second, and the special effects created when ingenuity surpasses technology.

So I tried my hand at moviemaking.

I am happy to have made this.