Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Symposium Success!

I'm going to Stetson!!!

For the Symposium, not for school. I already go to school.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Research Symposium

I just applied to go to an Undergraduate Research Symposium at Stetson. My abstract read thusly:

This poster will showcase the development of a series of paintings based on my research into anachronism through photographs taken at Renaissance Festivals. Initial photographs were taken on-location at two Renaissance Festivals, and focused on performers whose attempts to re-create the world of the past were interrupted by intrusions of the modern. Special attention was given to musicians whose period clothing and instruments were at odds with their microphones and amplifiers. Renaissance and Baroque paintings provided context for the ideas generated by my photography and sketches. Work by artists including Honthorst and Terbrugghen served as inspiration during the creation of compositions. Elements of strangeness in these classical paintings—especially those which related to imagery in my photographs—were of special interest during this research stage. In the studio, photographs were cropped, collaged, painted on, and reflected in mirrors to further confuse the time and space that the subjects of the photos were occupying. This manipulation of images generated new ways of thinking about the paintings and their underlying themes. The resultant body of work combined modern concepts and techniques with highly traditional subject matter in unusual ways. The work related to, but expanded upon, classical paintings from art history, and incorporated unexpected findings from my photography and manipulation sessions. Perhaps most importantly, creating these works also focused and defined my interests as a painter and opened my mind to new forms that my art can take. The concepts and techniques that I developed within this project were incorporated into other bodies of work as well, unifying my work as a whole and also encouraging my development as a painter outside the bounds of this project.

wow wall of text. But I think it's pretty solid. I made it by going to the FAU research poster guidelines and looking at the headings and layouts and whatnot. Then I basically wrote the text for the entire poster and took the best bits and made an abstract. I have to say that, having just given my artist talk in class, this was really easy to write. It's nice to know my work.

IN OTHER NEWS I am making things all day every day except when I stop to go read some one-of-a-kind artists' books which is my JOB which I get PAID FOR. Ohmygoodness why are they making me graduate things will never be this good again.

Lately I have learned that my garment construction skills are getting a lot better and I can make things with a good fit and finish. I also found out I can make paintings by drawing with pastels and pouring acrylic medium over them and that some goat puppets only cost five bucks.

I'm trying to make my life collide. I don't want to be a painter/costumer/student/researcher/viking. I just want to be me. The way I am doing this is by not cleaning my studio. No, seriously! I just let all my projects go at once and if I decide that I need to do a self portrait in a half-finished dress or paint something on a shield I do it. It's exciting.
This is the best time of year.